Monday, 21 November 2016

Thortful...highly commended

And other successful entries.....

Amy Cobb....

Kate Bruce....

and Lisa Parker.... 

And the winner is.....

                      ......Maria Nikla

Maria produced a very lively and well finished site. This included the banner and little bird illustration. The bear cards both used printmaking as part of the process and so have a little more texture whereas the other illustrations were completed using Adobe Illustrator. Having access to print has really opened up new possibilities.

Maria will have 20 cards printed for her by It's been a brilliant experience for everyone and it makes for a strong addition to everyone's portfolio.

To see her work on site:

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Thortful Cards

Thortful create beautiful and high quality greeting cards for all occasions all sold online. They have generously commissioned FdA Illustration to produce three greeting cards, one for a birthday, one for celebrating a new home and a thank you card.

Students were briefed by Katie Lillywhite from Thortful in their offices in the Strand.

Katy really conveyed just exactly how big a market the greeting card industry is and who bought their cards. It was also an opportunity to look at a range of greeting cards so as to appreciate their scope, how they varied in approach, use of media and tone. 

Now we're back in the studio working on ideas and with the winner having their design printed students are really getting on with the job. Jon Higham has produced greeting card designs for Thortful and is working with the students. They are also working in the print studio with Tobin Thompson so that they can also develop a more tactile approach. 

More to come......

And take a look at Thortful's website at 

Live brief for Hastings Borough Council

Hastings Borough Council invited FdA Illustration students in their first year of the course to produce artwork to be shown on the walls of meeting rooms in their newly refurbished offices. Each room is named after a notable person who lived for at least some of their life in Hastings. The students were shown the meeting rooms and briefed. After producing their ideas  each student gave a presentation to the council and then finalised their work for installation.

Here are some of the results with more to follow:

Brogan Blanch produced artwork based upon Alan Turing using binary code to make up the portrait and hiding his quote in the surrounding 'halo'. The work was printed onto transfer film by Ricochet Prints.

Charlotte Brook also produced artwork for the Alan Turing Room but this time working with Turings distinct profile and elements from his Enigma machine.

Adam Winter celebrated John Logie Baird, the inventor of the first moving pictures, using a lightbulb within which there is almost a 'manual' of parts for his invention.

Amy Cobb focussed on a less well known person, Sophie Jex-Blake who was one of the first female doctors and who founded a training centre for health professionals in London.

Reece Saunters produced a portrait of Thomas Brassey an engineer responsible for the construction of railways around the world. The portrait was smaller than the others at A3 so as to allude to an intimate victorian portrait.

Maria Nikla depicted Robert Tressell, the author of the 'Ragged Trousered Philanthropist' as the painter and decorator he in fact was. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Making Your Mark


Charlotte  Brook has made a short animation based upon her study of eye disease. This is part of an ongoing project which will culminate in an exhibition in the college shop at the beginning of next term. To see more of Charlotte’s work take a look at her website

Jake Halford dealt with the subject of SURPRISE in a number of ways with images nestled within images screen printed onto cloth and then made into a dress.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


First years have just completed an Animation module with their tutor Simon Cooper. Posted here are a selection.


Hard work and a great deal of time spent mastering AfterEffects produced some outstanding animations. Shown here is Lisa Parker's 'Winter Dog'.


And introducing Charlotte Brook's dancing aliens.


Lisa Parker combined drawing, photography and sound to create something quite awful!


And lastly Josh Clarke.

HIFEST Products

And this year at HIFEST both year groups participated in making a products for our stall. Shown here is Lisa Parker's laser cut brooches packaged up in an enticing manner as well as cat themed wrapping paper and also Maria Nikla's coasters and earrings , once again made using the laser cutter. 

And Charlotte Brooks and Kate Bruce were sufficiently resourceful to have their own stall.